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Derrick Hazelwood

Founder/Author/Inspirational Speaker

As a Published Author Derrick has found his avenue to create peace in today's world. He has transformed his life experiences in to a glorious testimony which he shares with those who may need an inspirational word. He is a highly motivated person with a heart to serve. His collegiate exploits at Purdue University has expanded his horizon to help him become a more well rounded motivational speaker. Derrick's Psychology background mixed with life experiences has created a unique disposition which allows him to reach a vast population. His excitement to create peace motivated him to become the founder of STAMP.

Olakeosha Hazelwood

Chief Executive Officer

Olakeosha is an esteem scholar who has used her collegiate knowledge to become a highly driven Event Coordinator and Manager at STAMP. Olakeosha has a heart for contributing to positive change in today's society. She is seasoned with experience through Social Work and Education. Olakeosha holds a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from Purdue University which has enhanced her ability to further assist others. She takes pride in organizing events to promote the mission and message of STAMP.

Jackie Partlow

Community Liaison/ Event Coordinator

As our Community Liaison and Event Coordinator Jackie is a cultivated individual who has used her intellect to obtain her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Capella University. Jackie holds a background in Community Relations, Education, and  Social Services. She expresses compassion and determination for positive change in our society. Jackie is honored to be apart of STAMP Nation and is eager to serve on the STAMP Nation team.

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